Added in 2010

The PowerPivot add-in is a data analysis tool which provides an extension to PivotTable functionality.
This add-in allows you to work with more than 1,048,576 rows and can work on data from multiple sources.
A powerpivot data model can be used to create a pivottable.
PowerPivot provides a "self-service" approach by allowing users to easily connect to different data sources to analyse data.
PowerPivot does not replace SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).


This add-in is only installed and available with:
Office Professional Plus 2013
Office 365 ProPlus

More Powerful that PivotTables

This extend the capability of the PivotTable functionality with new features such as

  • Expanded data capacity
  • Advanced calculations
  • Import data from multiple sources
  • Publish workbooks as interactive web applications
  • Use the Data Analysis Expression (DAX) language to create advanced formulas


In Excel 2010 this add-in was a standalone application that had to be downloaded and installed separately.
In Excel 2013 this add-in is installed by default but is only available with the following versions:
Office Professional Plus 2013
Office 365 ProPlus
The add-in also requires Visual Studio Runtime 2010 and .NET Runtime 4.0 to also be installed

Features added in 2013

Create implicit calculated fields in the Field List for Pivot Tables
include a link to the features list

Installing the Add-in

The easiest way to install is to click on (Insert Tab , Power View)
SS - install prompt

PowerPivot Window - This launches a separate application window
New Measure -
Delete Measure -
Measure Settings -
Pivot Table -
Create KPI -
Edit KPI Settings -
Delete KPI -
Create Linked Tabls -
Update All -
Settings -
Field List -
Relationship Detection -

There is also a PowerPivot window and a PowerPivot Field.


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