Error Handling

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Passing an invalid coercion type

As mentioned before, the callback function exposes a result, so we can attach additional behavior to the button to display a status message.

     { coercionType: Office.CoercionType.Ooxml },

If a user attempts to perform the now invalid action, instead of simply failing, they're presented with a helpful error message letting them know something went wrong.

if (asyncResult === Office.AsyncResultStatus.Failed) { 
   var error = asyncResult.error;
   app.showNotification(error.code + " : " +, error.message);

more info -

function getHostInformation() { 
   var hostInfoValue ='hostInfoValue');
   var items = hostInfoValue.split('$');
   if (!items[2]){
      items = hostInfoValue.split('|');

   var hostInfo = {
      type: items[0],
      platform: items[1],
      version: items[2],
      culture: items[3]
   return hostInfo;

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