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Provides information on the updates to the Excel Javascript API.
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?? (Excel API 1.6)

Only available to Office 365 subscription users ?
Conditional Formatting (color scale, data bar, icon set, custom)

?? (Excel API 1.5)

Only available to Office 365 subscription users ?
Custom XML Parts
UsedRange (getSurroundingRegion)
getFirst and getLast methods (Worksheets, Tables, Charts)
getNext and getpreviou methods (Worksheets, Tables)
getCount (Worksheets, Tables)
getNextColumn and getPreviousColumn on table columns
getRange (address: string)

?? (Excel API 1.4)

Only available to Office 365 subscription users ?
F9 Recalc bug fixed
Table Enhancements (set table column name, add column to end, add multiple rows at once)
Settings Enhancements
getItemOrNullObject method (Worksheets, Tables, TableColumns, Settings, PivotTables)
Named Item Enhancements (properties: scope, comment, worksheet. Methods: add, addFormulaLocal)

2016 April

Dialogs were introduced

2015 December (Excel API 1.3)

Pivot Table Refresh
Range Filtered View
Range and Table as Image

2015 September (Excel API: 1.2)

Commands were introduced
Functions (300+)
R1C1 Reference Style
Merge Cells
Page Layout
Adjust Row Height
Adjust Column Width

2014 March (Excel API: 1.1)

Excel 2016 and Excel Online
More Chart enhancements
More Table enhancements
More Range enhancements
Named Items
Number Formatting
Table Creation
Chart Creation
Cell Formatting
Range Values and Editing
File Properties
Navigate to locations and objects

2012 August (Excel API: 1.0)

Excel 2013
Data Binding (tables and named ranges)
Document Bindings
Reading and writing within worksheets
Events - Workbook, active cell selection
Events - Workbook, active cell selection within a binding
Events - Workbook, values change within a binding
Events - When persisted settings change

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