2016 July

Office.JS version 1.1
Excel add-ins require a VersionOverrides element ?

2016 April

Office.JS version 1.1
Dialogs were introduced

2016 March

Office.JS version 1.1

<OfficeApp xlmns:ov="" 

Commands were introduced.
If you include Commands then a task pane is not automatically displayed. They are displayed on demand.
If you include Commands you cannot see the ribbon during F5 debugging.
Using an Add-in Catalog with a shared folder is not supported
A command can executes a function
A command can launch a task pane
Add commands to drop-down menus
Add commands to submenus
Add commands to context menus
Can show multiple taskpanes at the same time
A GetStarted bubble can be displayed when first installed

2016 January

Office.JS version 1.1
Commands preview/beta for Excel and Word 2016.

2015 December

Office.JS version 1.1
This was a patch for Outlook 2013.

2015 September

Office.JS version 1.1

<OfficeApp xlmns:ov= "" 

Outlook 2016 - Commands can be added to built-in tabs or to a new custom tab.
You are only limited to one custom tab. Built-in - 1 group, maximum of 6 commands. Custom - 10 groups, maximum of 6 commands per group.
If a user selects an item in the calendar but does not open the pop-out, the group will not be visible.
There are 3 ways to extend Read, Compose and Contextual
Email Message Read Form - Home tab
Appointment Read Form - Meeting, Meeting Occurrence, Meeting Series or Appointment tab
Email Message Compose Form - Message tab
Appointment Compose Form - Meeting, Meeting Occurrence or Meeting Series tab
These are only available for add-ins that do not use the following rules:

2014 March (Office 2016 model)

Office.JS version 1.1
Manifest schema (offappmanifest-1.1.xsd)
This is added to the manifest file.

<OfficeApp xlmns=""> 

This tells it to always use the latest incremental release within version 1.
This is added to the html files

<script src="" 
        type="text/javascript"> </script>

2012 August (Office 2013 model)

Office.JS version 1.0
Manifest schema (offappmanifest.xsd)
This is added to the manifest file.

<OfficeApp xlmns = ""> 

This is added to the html files

<script src="" 
        type="text/javascript"> </script>

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