Home.css - styles for the default html file
home.html - startup page - contains all file resources
home.js - code for the default html file. Contains code for office.initialise
App.js - code for all html pages - contains code for notification window
App.css - styles for all html pages


Office.js - contains the Javascript API for Office library
Office.css - styles for the same look and feel as office
jquery[version].js - library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating
Microsoft.Ajax.jx - language extensions

Custom Start Document

Right click on the manifest project
Choose Add Existing Item
Browse to your start file
Change the "start document" to refer to this file
When you launch this file from inside Visual Studio, your add-in will not be automatically loaded.
Insert > Add-ins > My Add-ins
Select your add-in
Save the file and close it and stop debugging
This will save the add-in lanch details in your workbook
Next time you launch from Visual Studio your add-in will be loaded.

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