What is WordArt ?

WordArt makes it possible to make your worksheets look more professional by letting you add formatted text.
This allows you to add 3D effects to lines, shapes and text.
The options enable you to change the depth of a drawing and its colour, angle, direction of lighting and surface reflection.
Click the wordart button , enter the text and press Enter.

3D pre-defined styles - small examples of all of them in the same colour

Rotating your wordart - when you click the rotation icon, the cursor changes to a small circular black arrow indicating a rotational movement


It is also possible to create special text effects.
You can display very eye catching text for example you can bend, twist, turn and angle the text, change its font size, style etc.

(Insert > Picture > WordArt).

You can have your WordArt text appearing on a slide one letter at a time, just create each letter separately.
If you have inserted all your letters separately you will probably want to align them all at the bottom so they all appear on the same line. You can also add shading to your WordArt, select the wordart object and select shading from the Drawing toolbar.


Holding down Alt when moving objects allows you to move them off the slide

Things to Remember

  • You can easily delete a WordArt object by selecting it and pressing Delete.

  • Remember that WordArt is not considered to be text. You must double click it in order to edit the text.

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