Boxing is the process of converting a value type into the type object.
This wraps the value inside the System.Object and stores it on the managed heap Boxing is implicit

int value5 = 23; 
object object1 = value5;

UnBoxing extracts the value type from the object Unboxing is explicit

object object2 = 54; 
int value6 = (int)object2;

Converting a value type into a reference type is called boxing.

Converting a reference type into a value type is called UnBoxing
The value is "boxed" inside an object and then subsequently "unboxed" back to its value type

Boxing is implicit when you provide a value type and a reference type is expected.
This is an implicit conversion of a value type to a reference type
Boxing a value allocates an instance of an Object and copies the value into the new object instance.
The compiler can detect that you have submitted a value type and silently boxes it within an Object.
You can explicitely cast the value type is you want to.


int MyNumber; 
object MyObject;
   MyObject = MyNumber;


int MyNumber; 

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