.NET Framework

This is actually an abbreviation for Framework Class Library (FCL).
In July 2000 Microsoft announced the release of its new .NET platform, which represented a major change in the way people think about programming.
This library contains namespaces and classes to support just about everything: input and output, string manipulation, security management, network communication, thread management, text manipulation.


.NETVisual StudioReleasedC#VB
5.0 (.NET)20192020 Novemberv9.0 
4.8 (.NET Framework)20192019 Aprilv8.0 
4.7.220192018 April  
4.7.120192017 October  
4.720192017 Aprilv7.0v15.0
4.6.220172016 August  
4.6.120172015 December  
4.620152015 Julyv6.0v14.0
4.5.220132014 May  
4.5.120132013 October v11.0
4.520122012 Augustv5.0 
4.020102010 Aprilv4.0v10.0
3.520082007 Novemberv3.0v9.0
3.020082006 November  
2.020052005 Septemberv2.0v8.0
1.120032003 Octoberv1.1v7.1
1.020022002 Januaryv1.0v7.0

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