This is actually an abbreviation for Framework Class Library (FCL).
In July 2000 Microsoft announced the release of its new .NET platform, which represented a major change in the way people think about programming.
This library contains namespaces and classes to support just about everything: input and output, string manipulation, security management, network communication, thread management, text manipulation.


.NETVisual StudioReleasedC#VB
4.8 Apr 2019v8.0 
4.7.22019Apr 2018  
4.7.12019Oct 2017  
4.72019Apr 2017v7.0 
4.6.22017Aug 2016  
4.62015Jul 2015v6.0v14.0
4.5.22013May 2014  
4.5.12013Oct 2013 v11.0
4.52012Aug 2012v5.0 
4.02010Apr 2010v4.0v10.0
3.52008Nov 2007v3.0v9.0
3.02008Nov 2006  
2.02005Sept 2005v2.0v8.0
1.12003Oct 2003v1.1v7.1
1.02002Jan 2002v1.0v7.0

Installing the .NET Framework

If you do not have a the .NET Framework installed you can download it (and install it) FREE of charge from the Microsoft website.

Repairing the .NET Framework

If you need to repair an existing installation then refer to the following article.

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