This is an XML based language for describing web services.
It specifies the location of the web service and the operations that is exposes

Different Component

A WSDL has several different components


types - the data types used by the web service should use XML schema syntax

message - the messages used by the web service

portType - the operations performed by the web service and the messages that are involved
There are four different types

One-Way - can receive a message
Request-Response - can receive a message and return a response
Solicit-Response - will send a request and wait for a response
Notification - can send a message and not wait for a response

binding - the communication protocols used. Defines the message format and protocol details
Binding to SOAP

binding element - this has two attributes (name - any name to describe the binding) (type - points to the port for the binding)
soap:binding element - this has two attributes (style - either "rpc" or "document") (transport - which SOAP protocol to use, typically http)
operation element - defines each operation

service - makes it possible to group several definitions together into a single WSDL document

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