Power Query Add-in

Removed in 2016
Added in Excel 2010 and previously called Data Explorer
Previously called Data Explorer this enhances self-service business intelligence for discovering, combining and refining data from multiple sources.
This was replaced with built-in Get & Transform features in Excel 2016.
Has its own catalog and on premises data integration.
Assists with self service business intelligence
Provides access to any web / online data set.
Enhances the self-service Business Intelligence experience by simplifying data discovery, access and collaboration.

The PowerQuery add-in provides an intuitive user interface for data discovery from both public aand corporate data sources.
Can be used to get data from a web service or web query.
It also has a (US only) public search feature
Power Query can now be manipulated using VBA.

PowerQuery Tab


Get External Data
Online Search - Lets you get a list of all the available data sources (both internal and external) that match a specific critieria
From Web -
From File - Drop-Down contains the commands: From Excel, From CSV, From XML, From Text, From Folder From Database - Drop-Down contains the commands: From SQL Server, From Windows Azure SQL, From Access Database, From Oracle, From IBM DB2 From Azure - (?)
From Database -
From Other Souces - Drop-down contains the commands: From SharePoint List, From OData Data Feed, From Windows Azure Marketplace, Blank Query Recent Sources - (?)

Excel Data
From Table - Create a new table that is linked to the selected Excel table or named range

Merge - Merge or join tables in the active workbook
Append - Append two queries from this workbook
Locale -
Fast Combine -

Workbook Queries (called Managed Queries in beta)
Show Pane (?) - Displays the "Workbook Queries" task pane (called Workbook in beta ?)
Shared - removed
Launch Editor (Added April 2015) - Launches the Query Editor application window

Settings (called Machine Settings in beta) Workbook Settings
Data Source Settings - Displays the "Data Source Settings" dialog box
Update - Install the latest version of Power Query
Options - Displays the "Query Options" dialog box showing various options, including Workbook Settings such as Fast Combine and Locale.

Power BI (called Organisation in beta)
Data Catalog Search -
My Data Catalog Queries -
Sign In -

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