Count cells that contain numbers between 2 numbers

You can count how many cells contain values in a particular range using the COUNTIFS function.
This function can return the number of cells between two values.


The first criteria is any value greater than or equal to the smallest number.
The second criteria is any value less than or equal to the largest number.

1=COUNTIFS(B1:B6,">=0",B1:B6,"<=200") = 630
2=COUNTIFS(B1:B6,">=80",B1:B6,"<=80") = 140
3=COUNTIFS(B1:B6,">=40",B1:B6,"<=60") = 220
4=COUNTIFS(B1:B6,">=-40",B1:B6,"<=80") = 560
5 80
6 100

Built-in Functions

COUNTIFS - The number of numerical values in a range that satisfies multiple conditions.

User Defined Function

COUNTBETWEEN - Returns the number of cells that have a value that is between a range.

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