Advanced Functions

AGGREGATE(2010) The aggregate of values in a list or database column.
CONVERTThe number in one measurement system converted to another.
COUNTAThe number of non blank cells in a list or cell range (including text and logical values).
DATEDIFThe number of units between two dates.
EMBEDDisplayed in the formula bar when an embedded object is selected
HLOOKUPThe value in a row that matches a value in the top row of a table.
INDEXThe value from a table, based on an index number.
INDIRECTThe text string of the contents of a given cell reference.
LINESTThe array of values for a straight line that best fits your data.
LOOKUPThe value in a row (or column) that matches a value in a column (or row).
MATCHThe position of a value in an array or list.
PERCENTILEThe number corresponding to a particular percentage from an array of numbers (inclusive).
RANKThe rank of a value in a list of array (in descending order).
SUBTOTALThe subtotal of values in a list or database column.
SUMPRODUCTThe sum of the product of one or more arrays of values.
VLOOKUPThe value in a column that matches a value in the first column of a table.


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