Ease Of Access

This tab was added in Excel 2019.

Make your document accessible to others

This group was added in Excel 365.

Keep accessibility checker running while I work - The default is ticked.

Feedback options

This group was added in 2018 January.

Provide feedback with sound - (Moved in 2018). Plays available sounds that are associated with Microsoft Office program events, such as opening, saving, and printing files, and displaying error messages. Sounds that are assigned to different events can be changed in the Sounds Properties dialog box in Windows Control Panel. If you select or clear the Provide feedback with sound check box in one Office program, it is also turned on or off for all other Office programs. To change the sound that is associated with an event, open the Sounds folder in Windows Control Panel. Your computer must have a sound card to play most sounds. The default is not ticked.
Sound scheme - Drop-Down. The choice of sound effect. The drop-down includes Modern and Classic.
Provide feedback with animation - (Moved in 2018) Displays worksheet movement and changes when you insert or delete cells, rows, or columns. Animation may slow video performance on some systems. The default is ticked.

Application display options

This group was added in 2018 January.

ScreenTip style -
Show function screentips - The default is ticked.
Show the start screen when this application starts - The default is ticked.

Document display options

This group was added in 2018 January.

Font size -

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