Different Dimensions

An array of individual items

var arFruits = ['apple', 'banana', 'orange', 'pear']; 

An array of key-value pairs (or multi-dimensional)

var arPairs = [ 
   ['name', 'Richard'],
   ['country', 'France'],
   ['age', 32],
   ['department', 'sales'],

An array of data objects (simple key-value pairs)

var arSimple = { 
   name: 'Richard',
   country: 'France',
   age: 32,
   department: 'sales',

An array of data objects (complex)

var arSimple = { 
   { name: 'Richard', age: 32 },
   { name: 'Simon', age: 41 },
   { name: 'James', age: 26 },

Use Map Instead

If your data consists of key-value pairs and you need to frequently add or remove items.
If your key is not a string

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