<VersionOverrides xmlns:bt=""> 
               <OfficeTab id="TabDefault">

<Action xsi:type="ExecuteFunction">

<Action xsi:type="ShowTaskpane">
   <SourceLocation resid="res_Urls_Taskpane1ID"/>

FunctionName - Required. Specifies the name of the function to execute. The function is contained in the file specified in the FunctionFile element that is declared earlier in the manifest. The function must exist in the global DOM namespace of the function file.
TaskpaneId - Optional. A unique id within the manifest.
SupportsPinning - (Added V1.1) Optional.
SourceLocation - Required. Specifies the source file location for this action. The resid attribute must be set to the value of the id attribute of a Url element in the Urls element in the Resources element.

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