Control - Button

The id must be unique.

<VersionOverrides xmlns:bt=""> 
               <OfficeTab id="TabDefault">

<Control xsi:type="Button" id="Better.Button1ID">
   <Label resid="res_ShortStrings_Button1_Label">
   <Title id="res_ShortStrings_Button1_SuperTip1ID">
   <Description id="res_LongStrings_Button1_SuperTip1ID">

Label - Required. The text for the button. The resid attribute must be set to the value of the id attribute of a String element in the ShortStrings element in the Resources element.
Title - Optional.
Description - Optional.
Tooltip - Optional.
Supertip - Required. The supertip for this button.
Icon - Required. Contains the Image elements for the button.
Action - Required. The action to take when the control is pressed.

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