Provides information on the updates to the Excel Custom Functions API.
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VersionBuildReleased Online
1.313127.202962020 July
1.212527.201942020 January
1.112527.200922019 May

2020 JulyAdds XLL streaming support and the new ErrorCode options to CustomFunction.Error object
2020 JanuaryAdds the CustomFunction.Error object to support error handling (1.2)
2019 July 1Released to Production, no longer in Developer Preview
2019 February 20Excel Custom Functions Add-in project added to Yo Generator
2019 January 8Binding method CustomFunctionMapping() has been altered to CustomFunctions.associate()
2018 December 12Custom functions now include a way to discover a cell's address
2018 November 3Custom functions now support optional parameters and the "any" return type
2018 October 20Custom functions now require the 'id' parameter in your custom functions metadata for Windows Desktop and Online
2018 September 20Shipped support for custom functions JavaScript runtime
2018 May 7Shipped support for Mac, Excel Online, and synchronous functions running in-process
2017 November 28Shipped support for cancellation on asynchronous functions (requires change for streaming functions)
2017 November 20Fixed compatibility bug for those using builds 8801 and later
2017 November 7Shipped the custom functions preview and samples

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