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Resource Does Not Exists

We're starting the add-ins runtime, just a moment ..  
Unexpected Resource - The resource you are trying to use does not exist.

Check that you are not sideloading and hosting with http://localhost.
At the moment all the URLS for custom functions must be https.

Add-in Error No Longer Available

This add-in is no longer available from the following server. 

Check that the manifest file is correct and can be loaded.

Error Installing Functions

One or More Add-ins Failed to Install or Load Custom Functions 

There was an extra/trailing comma in the JSON file.

Function Returns #BUSY!

Any registered custom functions will get saved and cached by Excel.
When a custom function cannot find its corresponding registration/add-in manifest file it will return #BUSY!
Check that the corresponding manifest file is correct, available and can be loaded.

Function Returns #N/A

This could indicate that the function is (or has been registered) but the corresponding javascript code is not available.
Check the IDs are unique.
Check the IDs in the 'tsx' file correspond to the IDs in the 'json' file.

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