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WebView Control

Edge Chromium - WebView2

The latest iteration replaces the dependencies once again to use Edge Chromium components instead.
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This has DevTools built-in to the browser.

Edge HTML - WebView

The next iteration removed the IE 11 dependencies and replaced them with Edge dependencies instead.
The only way to remove an uploaded add-in from Office on the Web is to clear the cache.
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You can use the "Microsoft Edge DevTools Preview" standalone application to help debug your add-ins, available from the Microsoft Store to provide better development tools.

IE 11 - WebView

At first the Office Add-ins framework used a web viewer control that leveraged elements of Internet Explorer 11.
Use the debugger from the F12 Developer Tools
launch F12 development tools
Also known as "F12 Chooser" which is included in IE 11.
32 bit office - C:\windows\system32\f12\IEChooser.exe
64 bit office - C:\windows\sysWOW64\F12\IEChooser.exe

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