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Open Command Prompt
type "PowerShell"
Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Win32WebViewHost
setx JS-DEBUG <PackageFullName>

Install Office-JS for debugging ??

Install the OfficeJS Webpack module
The '--save' switch will add this module as a Dependency in the package.json file.

npm install --save @microsoft/office-js 


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This is a dedicated web page for viewing JSON Web Tokens.

Attaching to a Process

Visual Studio
Debug > Attach to process
Attach all the iexplorer instances

Internet Explorer Settings

Settings, Advanced
clear the following two checkboxes
Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer) -
Disable Script Debugging (Other) -

Visual Studio - Browser

Once you have removed all references to the Office app and API, you can right-click the project and select the option to View in Browser. This will launch the Visual Studio web server and serve the page as a regular web site, giving you full access to the entire suite of browser tools and extensions to troubleshoot any issues.

Chrome - Developer Tools

But what if you really need a feature from one of the browsers such as the Chrome Developer Tools or browser add-ons such as Web Developer Tools and Kendo UI Chrome Inspector?

Browser - Addon - Web Developer Tools

Browser - Addon - Kendo UI Chrome Inspector

Security / Permissons

Content and taskpane assume the same SSL settings that Internet Explorer uses by default
IE - security tab, internet options, internet, custom level
Scroll to "display mixed content" - select prompt

IE - security tab, internet options, advanced tab
warn if changing between secure and not secure mode

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