Runtime Logging

Switch on the runtime logging to generate a log file.
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You can use runtime logging to debug your add-in's manifest as well as several installation errors.
This feature can help you identify and fix issues with your manifest that are not detected by XSD schema validation, such as a mismatch between resource IDs.
Runtime logging is particularly useful for debugging add-ins that implement add-in commands and Excel custom functions.
Runtime Logging affects performance so turn it on only when you need to debug issues with your add-in manifest.

Runtime logging on Windows

Make sure that you are running Office 2016 desktop build 16.0.7019 or later.
To enable run-time logging

npx office-addin-dev-settings runtime-log --enable 

This will add the RuntimeLogging key under


Set the default value of the RuntimeLogging key to the full path of the file where you want the log to be written.

alt text

To enable runtime logging only for a specific file, use the same command with a filename:

npx office-addin-dev-settings runtime-log --enable [filename.txt] 

To disable runtime logging:

npx office-addin-dev-settings runtime-log --disable 

To display whether runtime logging is enabled:

npx office-addin-dev-settings runtime-log 

To display help within the command line for runtime logging:

npx office-addin-dev-settings runtime-log --help 

Runtime logging on Mac

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