Displays a dialog box in an Office host.
The MessageParent method sends a message from a dialog box to the parent add-in.
This is available in the DialogAPI requirement set
Excel, Word, PowerPoint in version 1.1
Outlook in version 1.4

The dialog is modeless
If opened from a task pane it is completely separate from the Browser instance in the task pane meaning
a) it has its own javascript runtime, window object and window variables
b) there is no shared environment with the task pane
c) it has a different session storage to the task pane
d) the first page opened in the dialog box must be hosted in the same domain, protocol and port as the task pane

Office.context.ui.displayDialogAsync(startAddress, options, callback)

startAddress - accepts the initial https URL that opens in the dialog box. It must be on the same domain as the parent page
options - accepts an option object to define dialog behaviours
callback - accepts a callback method to handle the dialog creation attempt

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