Excel Error Messages

Errors are returned using an error object that consists of a code and a message.
The following table provides a list of possible error conditions that can occur.

ActivityLimitReachedActivity limit has been reached.
InvalidRequestCannot process the request.
ConflictRequest could not be processed because of a conflict.
UnauthenticatedRequired authentication information is either missing or invalid.
InvalidArgumentThe argument is invalid or missing or has an incorrect format.
InvalidSelectionThe current selection is invalid for this operation.
InsertDeleteConflictThe insert or delete operation attempted resulted in a conflict.
InvalidOperationThe operation attempted is invalid on the object.
UnsupportedOperationThe operation being attempted is not supported.
RequestAbortedThe request was aborted during run time.
ApiNotAvailableThe requested API is not available.
NotImplementedThe requested feature isn't implemented.
ItemNotFoundThe requested resource doesn't exist.
ItemAlreadyExistsThe resource being created already exists.
ServiceNotAvailableThe service is unavailable.
GeneralExceptionThere was an internal error while processing the request.
InvalidBindingThis object binding is no longer valid due to previous updates.
InvalidReferenceThis reference is not valid for the current operation.
AccessDeniedYou cannot perform the requested operation.

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