Hosts - ExtensionPoint

      <Host xsi:type="Workbook">
            <ExtensionPoint xsi:type="PrimaryCommandSurface">

PrimaryCommandSurfaceThe Ribbon
MessageReadCommandSurfaceOutlook only
MessageComposeCommandSurfaceOutlook only
AppointmentOrganizerCommandSurfaceOutlook only
AppointmentAttendeeCommandSurfaceOutlook only
MobileMessageReadCommandSurfaceOutlook only
MobileOnlineMeetingCommandSurfaceOutlook only

ContextMenuShortcut Menus
CustomFunctionsExcel only
CustomPaneOutlook only
DetectedEntityOutlook only
EventsOutlook only
LaunchEventOutlook only. Only in DesktopFormFactor
ModuleOutlook only. Only in DesktopFormFactor

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - CommandSurface


The ribbon at the top.

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="PrimaryCommandSurface"> 

The mail read view task pane window

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="MessageReadCommandSurface"> 

The mail compose form task pane window

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="MessageComposeCommandSurface"> 


<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="AppointmentOrganizerCommandSurface"> 


<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="AppointmentAttendeeCommandSurface"> 


<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="MobileMessageReadCommandSurface"> 


<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="MobileOnlineMeetingCommandSurface"> 

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - ContextMenu


<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="ContextMenu"> 
<OfficeMenu id="ContextMenuCell">
   <Control xsi:type="Menu">

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - CustomFunctions

Custom Functions

<Host xsi:type="Workbook">
<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="CustomFunctions">
   <Namespace resid="short_string_id">

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - CustomPane

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="CustomPane"> 

SourceLocation - Required. The URL for the source code file of the add-in. This refers to a Url element in the Resources element.
Rule - Required. The rule or collection of rules that specify when the add-in activates. It is the same as defined in Outlook add-in manifests, except the ItemIs rule has the following changes: ItemType is either "Message" or "AppointmentAttendee", and there is no FormType attribute. For more information, see Custom pane Outlook add-ins and Activation rules for Outlook add-ins.
RequestedHeight - Optional. The requested height, in pixels, for the display pane when it is running on a desktop computer. This can be from 32 to 450 pixels. It is the same as in read add-ins (see RequestedHeight element (ItemReadTabletMailAppSettings complexType) (app manifest schema v1.1)
DisableEntityHighlighting - Optional. Specifies whether entity highlighting should be turned off for this mail add-in.

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - DetectedEntity

Outlook only (Added 1.6)
Add a contextual add-in activation specific entity type for a
Registering mailbox and Item events is not available on this extension point.

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type = "DetectedEntity"> 
  <Label resid="residLabelName"/>
  <SourceLocation resid="residDetectedEntityURL"/>
  <Rule xsi:type="RuleCollection" mode="And">
    <Rule xsi:type="ItemIs"
    <Rule xsi:type="ItemHasKnownEntity"
    <Rule xsi:type="ItemHasRegularExpressionMatch"

Label -
RequestedHeight -
SourceLocation -
Rule -

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - Events

Outlook only

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type = "Events"> 
  <Event Type="ItemSend"

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - LaunchEvent

Outlook only
Enables an add-in to be activated based on supported events in the desktop form factor.
Event Based Activation

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type = "LaunchEvent"> 
    <LaunchEvent Type:="OnNewMessageCompose"
    <LaunchEvent Type:="OnNewAppointmentOrganizer"
  <SourceLocation resid="WebViewRuntime.Url"/>

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - Module

Outlook only
Extension Modules lets you create new modules inside Outlook

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type = "Module">
      <Control xsi:type="Button"
      <Action xsi:type="ExecuteFunction">

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