Hosts - ExtensionPoint

      <Host xsi:type="Workbook">
            <ExtensionPoint xsi:type="PrimaryCommandSurface">

PrimaryCommandSurfaceThe Ribbon
MessageReadCommandSurfaceOutlook only
MessageComposeCommandSurfaceOutlook only
AppointmentOrganizerCommandSurfaceOutlook only
AppointmentAttendeeCommandSurfaceOutlook only

ContextMenuShortcut Menus
ModuleOnly in DesktopFormFactor
CustomPaneOutlook only
EventOutlook only
CustomFunctionsExcel only

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - CommandSurface


The ribbon at the top.

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="PrimaryCommandSurface"> 

The mail read view task pane window

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="MessageReadCommandSurface"> 

The mail compose form task pane window

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="MessageComposeCommandSurface"> 


<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="AppointmentOrganizerCommandSurface"> 


<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="AppointmentAttendeeCommandSurface"> 

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - Event

Outlook only

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type = "Events"> 
  <Event Type="ItemSend"


Outlook only
Module extensibility lets you create new modules inside Outlook

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type = "Module">
      <Control xsi:type="Button"
      <Action xsi:type="ExecuteFunction">

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - CustomPane

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="CustomPane"> 

SourceLocation - Required. The URL for the source code file of the add-in. This refers to a Url element in the Resources element.
Rule - Required. The rule or collection of rules that specify when the add-in activates. It is the same as defined in Outlook add-in manifests, except the ItemIs rule has the following changes: ItemType is either "Message" or "AppointmentAttendee", and there is no FormType attribute. For more information, see Custom pane Outlook add-ins and Activation rules for Outlook add-ins.
RequestedHeight - Optional. The requested height, in pixels, for the display pane when it is running on a desktop computer. This can be from 32 to 450 pixels. It is the same as in read add-ins (see RequestedHeight element (ItemReadTabletMailAppSettings complexType) (app manifest schema v1.1)
DisableEntityHighlighting - Optional. Specifies whether entity highlighting should be turned off for this mail add-in.

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - ContextMenu

<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="ContextMenu"> 
<OfficeMenu id="ContextMenuCell">
   <Control xsi:type="Menu">

The following two context menus are currently supported:
Excel - ContextMenuCell
Word - ContextMenuText

Hosts - ExtensionPoint - CustomFunctions

Custom Functions

<Host xsi:type="Workbook">
<ExtensionPoint xsi:type="CustomFunctions">

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