This element can be used to support older clients that do not support add-in commands.

Manifest Version 1.1 - 2014 March

Outlook Only
This element was added in manifest version 1.1 - 2014 March
This element was removed in manifest version 1.1 - 2015 September
However this element does not support add-in commands.


   <Form xsi:type="ItemRead">
   <Form xsi:type="ItemEdit">
         <SourceLocation DefaultValue="~remoteAppUrl/AppCompose/Home/Home.html"/>

SourceLocation - Specifies the source file location for this action.
RequestedHeight - Specifies the initial height (in pixels) of a content add-in. A value between 32 and 450.
RequestedWidth - Specifies the initial width (in pixels) of a content add-in. A value between 32 and 1000.

ItemRead is used to specify how the add-in appears when the user reads messages and appointments.
ItemEdit describes how the add-in appears while the user is composing a reply, new message, new appointment or editing an appointment where they are the organizer.
These settings are directly related to the activation rules in the Rule element.
For example, if an add-in specifies that it should appear on a message in compose mode, an ItemEdit form must be specified.

The DesktopSettings, TabletSettings, and PhoneSettings elements are available only in classic Outlook on the web (usually connected to older versions of on-premises Exchange server) and Outlook 2013 on Windows.

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