This element appears under VersionOverrides.
Defines a collection of resources (strings, URLs, and images) that are referenced by other elements of the manifest.
You can share resources across hosts and form factors.


Provides the HTTPS URL to an image for an icon. Each icon must have three Image elements, one for each of the three mandatory sizes:
The mandatory sizes are 16x16, 32x32, 80x80
The following additional sizes are also supported, but not required: 20x20 24x24 40x40 48x48 64x64

      <bt:Image id="res_Image_"


All URLs must use https.
Provides an HTTPS URL location. A URL can be a maximum of 2048 characters.

      <bt:Url id = "res_Urls_FunctionFileID">
         DefaultValue = "https://.html" />
         DefaultValue = "https://.aspx" />


The text for Label and Title elements.
Maximum of 125 characters.
The id must be less than 32 characters.


The text for Description attributes.
Maximum of 250 characters.
The id must be less than 32 characters.

      <bt:String id="res_LongString_DescriptionID"
                 DefaultValue = "Description Text"/>

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