Supports single sign-on (SSO) in Office Add-ins.
The single sign-on API is currently supported for Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

  <Id> GUID </Id>
  <Resource>api://myDomain.com/ GUID ID </Resource>

Id - The Application Id of the add-in's associated service as registered in the Azure Active Directory v 2.0 endpoint.
Resource - Specifies the Application ID URI of the add-in as registered in the Azure Active Directory v 2.0 endpoint. The domain part of this URI must match the domain, including any subdomains, used in the "Resources" section of the add-in's manifest and the URI must end with the client ID in the "Id".
Scopes - Specifies the permissions that the add-in needs to a resource, such as Microsoft Graph. The profile and openID permissions are always needed and may be the only permissions needed, if your add-in does not access Microsoft Graph. If it does, you also need Scope elements for the required Microsoft Graph permissions; for example, User.Read, Mail.Read. Libraries that you use in your code to access Microsoft Graph may need additional permissions. For example, Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) for .NET requires offline_access permission
Authorizations - Specifies the external resources that the add-in's web application needs authorization to and the required permissions.

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