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This package allows metadata for custom functions to be generated automatically from JSDoc tags and the function parameter types.


A package which generates the metadata for custom functions.


A command-line interface for Office Add-ins.


This package provides the orchestration of components related to debugging Office Add-ins.
When debugging is started, it will ensure that the dev-server is running, that dev settings are configured for debugging, and will register and sideload the Office Add-in.
When debugging is stopped, it will unregister and shutdown components.


Can be used to manage certificates for development server using https://localhost
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npx office-addin-dev-certs verify 
npx office-addin-dev-certs install

After running this in VS Code you will see a Security Warning popup dialog saying that you are about to install a certificate.
Press OK to install
The terminal window will display the message:
You now have trusted access to https://localhost
The certificate will appear in the following location: "C:\users\"username"\.office-addin-dev-certs\


This package can be used to configure developer settings for an Office Add-in.
This includes a Runtime Log


This package can be used to ensure code quality with lint rules and standardize code formatting.


This package provides the ability to parse, display, and modify the manifest file for Office Add-ins.
Manifest > Validation


This package allows a Node instance to serve as a proxy for debugging a JavaScript runtime hosted by an Office application.



This package provides the ability to register an application in Azure Active Directory and infrastructure for implementing single sign-on (SSO) taskpane add-ins.


This package provides tools that make validating your Office Add-in easier. You can use it with the office-addin-test-server package and the Mocha test framework (or another testing framework of your choice).


This package provides a framework for testing Office task pane add-ins by allowing add-ins to send results to a test server. The results can then be consumed and used by tests to validate that the add-in is working as expected.


This package allows for sending usage data event and exception data to the selected telemetry infrastructure (e.g. ApplicationInsights)


Office-Toolbox is a set of tools for validating, and sideloading an Office Add-in.
This allows you to bypass the manual steps for sideloading add-ins.
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