Node JS Runtime

This is a JavaScript Runtime Environment that lets you run JavaScript on a standalone machine or back-end server.
Node or NodeJS as it is typically called is not a programming language or a framework.
Prior to NodeJS you could only run JavaScript inside a Browser.
Using NodeJS you are able to build standalone applications.
NodeJS uses the Google V8 JavaScript Engine.

Open source command line tools for server side javascript

link - 

check the version and update if necessary.

node -v     // 16.4.0 

install a new version

visit the website and download the latest version 

Hello World Example

Node.js files have the file extension ".js"
Node.js files must be initiated from the command line.

Open File Explorer and create the following folder



Create a javascript file "hello.js" in the folder
Add the following line of code:

console.log("Hello World from Node"); 

Open the Command Prompt (cmd)
cd c:\temp\testing
node hello.js

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