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1) What is Node.js ?
This platform is built on the Google Chrome JavaScript runtime and lets you write code that executes on the back-end server. ,

2) What is NPM ?
Alternatives: Yarn, Bower
This is an abbreviation for Node Package Manager.
NPM is a repository of JavaScript packages (or modules) which can be easily reused by other developers using a command-line tool.

3) What is NPX ?
This is a package runner for Node Package Manager.
NPX was added in NPM 5.2
This is a replacement for installing global packages.
It encourages you to install them locally but still be able to run them as if they were global.

4) What is Webpack ?
Alternative: Browserify
Web Pack is a module bundler for JavaScript applications.
If you need a configuration file when working with webpack you can create a webpack.config.js file in the root folder.
If the file is found webpack will automatically use it.

5) What is Babel ?
Babel is a JavaScript compiler that lets you use JavaScript ES 2015 (ES6) features and transpiles the code to standard ES 2009 (ES5) code.
This lets you use the latest features without worrying about older browsers that do not support ES 2015.


6) What is Gulp ?
Alternative: Grunt
Gulp is a JavaScript task runner that can be used to automate repetitive tasks such as minification, unit testing and compilation.

7) What is Vue ?
Vue is a JavaScript framework which is being developed and maintained by the open source community.
In the context of MVC (Model View Controller), Vue is just the View.

8) What is Angular ?
Angular is a JavaScript framework being developed by Google.
It lets you extend the HTML syntax to include your components and data binding.
In the context of MVC (Model View Controller), Angular is all three.
Angular1 = Angular JS
The latest version of Angular is called Angular 4.

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