2017 January

Outlook 2016 - Pinnable Task Panes were introduced.

2016 July

Excel add-ins require a VersionOverrides element ?

2016 April

Dialogs were introduced

2016 March

VersionOverrides v1.1 was introduced.
Commands were introduced.
If you include Commands then a task pane is not automatically displayed. They are displayed on demand.
If you include Commands you cannot see the ribbon during F5 debugging.
Using an Add-in Catalog with a shared folder is not supported
A command can executes a function
A command can launch a task pane
Add commands to drop-down menus
Add commands to submenus
Add commands to context menus
Can show multiple taskpanes at the same time
A GetStarted bubble can be displayed when first installed

2016 January

Commands preview/beta for Excel and Word 2016.

2015 December

This was a patch for Outlook 2013.

2015 September

VersionOverrides were added.
Outlook 2016 - Commands can be added to built-in tabs or to a new custom tab.
You are only limited to one custom tab. Built-in - 1 group, maximum of 6 commands. Custom - 10 groups, maximum of 6 commands per group.
If a user selects an item in the calendar but does not open the pop-out, the group will not be visible.
There are 3 ways to extend Read, Compose and Contextual
Email Message Read Form - Home tab
Appointment Read Form - Meeting, Meeting Occurrence, Meeting Series or Appointment tab
Email Message Compose Form - Message tab
Appointment Compose Form - Meeting, Meeting Occurrence or Meeting Series tab
These are only available for add-ins that do not use the following rules:

2014 March - Office.js 1.1

RequestContext with dedicated namespaces.
Excel 2016 (not Excel 2013 or Excel 2013 SP1)
Word 2016 (not Word 2013 or Word 2013 SP1)
This included, context.sync and context.load.
Dedicated namespaces (Excel, Word, OneNote) contain strongly typed object orientated classes with methods and properties similar to those found in VBA.
This is achieved by adding any changes to properties or methods to a queue of pending changes and then dispatching them as a single request at the end, using a .sync() method.
Manifest schema (offappmanifest-1.1.xsd)

2012 August - Office.js 1.0

Async Callbacks in a common Office namespace.
Excel 2013
Word 2013
This is achieved by a number of methods that ended with the word 'Async'.
Manifest schema (offappmanifest.xsd)

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