Common API - Office.CustomXmlPart

This represents a single CustomXMLPart in an Office.CustomXmlParts collection.

addHandlerAsyncMAdds an event handler to the object using the specified event type.
builtinPTrue, if the custom XML part is built in; otherwise false.
deleteAsyncMDeletes the Custom XML Part.
getNodesAsyncMAsynchronously gets any CustomXmlNodes in this custom XML part which match the specified XPath.
getXmlAsyncMAsynchronously gets the XML inside this custom XML part.
idPGets the GUID of the CustomXMLPart.
namespaceManagerPGets the set of namespace prefix mappings (Office.CustomXmlPrefixMappings) used against the current CustomXmlPart.
nodeDeletedERenamed in 1.1
nodeInsertedERenamed in 1.1
nodeReplacedERenamed in 1.1

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