Common API - Office.Settings

Represents custom settings for a task pane or content add-in that are stored in the host document as name/value pairs.
The Settings object is saved per add-in and per document.
They are available only to the add-in that created them, and only from the document in which they are saved.

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addHandlerAsyncMAdds an event handler for the settingsChanged event.
getMRetrieves the specified setting.
refreshAsyncMReads all settings persisted in the document and refreshes the content or task pane add-in's copy of those settings held in memory.
removeMRemoves the specified setting.
removeHandlerAsyncMRemoves an event handler for the settingsChanged event.
saveAsyncMPersists the in-memory copy of the settings property bag in the document.
setMSets or creates the specified setting.

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