User FAQs

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1) Is there any Microsoft documentation for Office Add-ins ?

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2) Is there a forum for questions about Office Add-ins ?
Post your questions in the Microsoft Q&A forum with the topics "office-js" and/or "office-addins".

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There is also a forum on Stack Overflow with the "office-js" and/or "office-addins" tags.

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3) What is the difference between Office Add-ins and Office Scripts ?
Office Add-ins uses the "Office JS API" which is asynchronous (and more advanced).
Office Scripts uses the "Office Scripts API" which is synchronous.
Office Scripts is a subset of Office Add-ins.

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4) What type of features and capabilities are possible with Office Add-ins ?
For introductory information about Office Add-ins, check out the Office Add-ins platform overview article:
This article describes various ways that Office Add-ins can extend and interact with Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.
It also contains links to other resources for learning more about the Office Add-ins platform and APIs.

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5) Are there any hello world examples ?
Yes. Microsoft has examples which have been uploaded to their Office Add-in Samples repository on github.

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We have also uploaded some examples to our repository on github.

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6) Are there any regular calls for users to connect with the development team at Microsoft ?
Yes. There is a monthly community call for users to connect with the folks who are building the Office Add-ins platform and JavaScript APIs.
On this call they share updates about new Office JavaScript APIs and provide tips about useful tools, samples, and useful resources.
Here is a List of Previous Calls that have taken place.

7) Can I use TypeScript to create an Office Add-in ?
Yes. VS Code has a lot of support for TypeScript.

8) What is the quickest way to create an Office Add-in ?
The fastest way is to use the Yeoman Generator scaffolding tool.

9) If I have found a bug how should I report it ?
Log issues in the GitHub repository if you discover a bug in the API.
(for example, if an API works in Excel desktop but not in Excel on the web).

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10) Will the Office Add-ins functionality and features ever be equivalent to that of VBA or VSTO ?
100% parity might not be possible, due to the multi-platform nature of Office Add-ins, and the fact that certain Windows functionality is not achievable on other platforms.
A lot of progress has been made with the JavaScript APIs (especially Excel and Outlook).
A large number of solutions are now possible using the JavaScript APIs so it's a good time to get started.

11) Can we migrate our existing COM add-in to an Office Add-in ?
There is no simple migration path, you will have to create the Office Add-in from scratch.
Not all the functionality in your COM add-in will be available in the Office JS APIs.

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