Office Scripts

Office Scripts allow you to record your actions and generate the corresponding TypeScript code to allow the actions to be automated.
TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript.
This feature is equivalent to the VBA Macro Recorder.
Once this feature has been enabled within the Office 365 environment you will see an additional Automate tab appear at the top.

All scripts can be saved to OneDrive for Business so they can be easily shared and used across different files.
Every script runs the code in a single main method.
You cannot undo the effect of an Office Script.
The version history of the file should be used as an alternative.
You can turn on the logging console by pressing the Ellipses button and select Logs.


Office Scripts is not available in Internet Explorer
Only available to E3 and E5 licenses.
Only available in Excel on the web
Office Scripts cannot use the Common Shared API.
Office scripts do not support events.

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