Pivot Tables

This script finds the first PivotTable in the workbook and displays the values from the "Grand Total" row at the bottom.

function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook) { 
  let pivotTable = workbook.getPivotTables()[0];

  // Get the names of each data column in the PivotTable.
  let pivotColumnLabelRange = pivotTable.getLayout().getColumnLabelRange();

  // Get the range displaying the pivoted data.
  let pivotDataRange = pivotTable.getLayout().getBodyAndTotalRange();

  // Get the range with the "grand totals" for the PivotTable columns.
  let grandTotalRange = pivotDataRange.getLastRow();

  // Print each of the "Grand Totals" to the console.
  grandTotalRange.getValues()[0].forEach((column, columnIndex) => {
    console.log(`Grand total of ${pivotColumnLabelRange.getValues()[0][columnIndex]}: ${grandTotalRange.getValues()[0][columnIndex]}`);
    // Example log: "Grand total of Sum of Crates Sold Wholesale: 11000"

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