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1) Is there any Microsoft documentation for Office Scripts ?

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2) Is there a forum for questions about Office Scripts in Excel ?
Post your questions in the Microsoft Q&A forum with the topic "office-scripts-excel-dev".

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There is also a forum on techcommunity. The Excel hub forum with the label "Office Scripts".

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There is also a forum on Stack Overflow with the tag "office-scripts".

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3) What is the difference between Office Scripts and Office Add-ins ?
Office Scripts is a subset of Office Add-ins.
Office Scripts uses the "Office Scripts API" which is synchronous.
Office Add-ins uses the "Office JS API" which is asynchronous (and more advanced).
Office Add-ins can handle events and use the Common API.

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4) Is Office Scripts only available Online ?
Yes. At the moment it is only available in Office Online (not Desktop).

5) Is Office Scripts only available in Excel Online ?
Yes. At the moment this has not been added to any of the other Office applications.

6) Will Office Scripts replace VBA ?
No. This video by Paul Kelly explains why.

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7) Can you run your scripts in Multiple Workbooks ?
Yes. Your scripts are saved in your "personal/local" OneDrive for Business.
They can be run against any workbook that you have open.

8) Can you share your scripts with Other Users ?
Yes. Your scripts can be shared on a per workbook basis.
If a workbook contains a script, that script can be run by any users that have access to that file.
Being able to save them to a SharePoint library is being considered.

9) Can you use Office Scripts with Power Automate ?
Yes. When creating your flow you need to use the Excel Online Business Connector.

10) Is it possible to call Office Add-in code from inside an Office Script ?
No. At the moment it is not possible to call the Office JS API from the Office Script API.

11) Can the Simplified Office Scripts API be used in Office Add-ins ?
No. At the moment the simplified/synchronous API cannot be used when working with the Office JS API.

12) Can you trigger a script from a double-click or change event ?
No. At the moment Office Scripts does not handle events.
Power Automate flows is currently the only way to trigger scripts.

13) Can you get user input while running an Office Script ?
No. At the moment Office Scripts can only run from start to finish without any user interaction.
There is no equivalent for the VBA MsgBox or InputBox.

14) Will the WinAPI libraries be available for consumption by Office Scripts ?
No. Office Scripts is designed to run across all platforms, so integration with one operating systems APIs will not work on other platforms.

15) What is the VBA Userform equivalent in Office Scripts ?
There is no clear equivalent at the moment.
Power Automate and Microsoft Forms can be integrated.

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