User Experience

A screenshot that shows an add-in task pane with get started steps next to an add-in with no get started steps
If your content add-in binds to data in the user's document, include sample data or a template to show users the data format to use.
Ensure that the look and feel and functionality of your add-in complements the Office experience.
Avoid scrolling. Optimize for 1366 x 768 resolution.
Do not include unlicensed images.
Use clear and simple language in your add-in.
Account for accessibility - make your add-in easy for all users to interact with, and accommodate assistive technologies such as screen readers.
Design for all platforms and input methods, including mouse/keyboard and touch. Ensure that your UI is responsive to different form factors.
Optimize for touch
Use the Context.touchEnabled property to detect whether the host application your add-in runs on is touch enabled.
This property is not supported in Outlook.
Ensure that all controls are appropriately sized for touch interaction. For example, buttons have adequate touch targets, and input boxes are large enough for users to enter input.
Do not rely on non-touch input methods like hover or right-click.
Ensure that your add-in works in both portrait and landscape modes. Be aware that on touch devices, part of your add-in might be hidden by the soft keyboard.
Test your add-in on a real device by using side loading.
If you're using Office UI Fabric for your design elements, many of these elements are taken care of.

Optimize and monitor add-in performance

Create the perception of fast UI responses. Your add-in should load in 500 ms or less.
Ensure that all user interactions respond in under one second.
Provide loading indicators for long-running operations.
Use a CDN to host images, resources, and common libraries. Load as much as you can from one place.
Follow standard web practices to optimize your web page. In production, use only minified versions of libraries. Only load resources that you need, and optimize how resources are loaded.
If operations take time to execute, provide feedback to users. Note the thresholds listed in the following table. See also Resource limits and performance optimization for Office Add-ins

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