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Office App Compatibility Kit

This is a command line tool that can be used to identify any problems with your XML manifest file.

Accurate, Stable and Functional

Use correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar in your descriptions and materials.
If you want a tailored experience for users in a regional store, you can add additional languages so that your add-in appears in another language store with localized metadata.
Your service and your add-in manifest must be updated appropriately. You must also provide descriptions for each language you add.
If your free app or add-in contains an in-app purchase, the Microsoft AppSource listing for your add-in will reflect this by stating 'Additional purchase may be required' under the pricing options.

Create a Partner Center Account

You need to create an individual or company account and, if applicable, add payout information.
After you create a developer account, it goes through an approval process
After your account is approved, you can submit your solution to Partner Center.

Submit to Partner Center

If you want your Office solution to appear in Microsoft AppSource, you need to submit it to Partner Center for approval.
You can make changes at any point before you submit your solution for approval.
During the approval process, you can make changes to your submission, but you can't submit them for publishing until your current submission is complete.

Certification Process

Your submission goes through a series of automated checks to ensure that it complies with the certification policies.
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The validation team reviews your submission.
The validation team tests Office Add-ins on all the platforms that the add-in is required to support.
For a seamless certification experience, provide detailed test notes with your submission, including:
Information about any sample data your app or add-in needs.
Configuration instructions, if required.
Information about a test or demo account that your app or add-in needs.
The validation team is located in multiple time zones, so do not configure test accounts that require developer interaction before we can test.
If you make changes after your submission is certified, it must go through the certification process again.

Resubmit to Partner Center

When the certification process is complete, you receive a message to let you know that either your submission is approved, or you need to make changes and resubmit it.

Checking the Status

It is possible to check the status of your submission in Partner Center:
Sign in to Partner Center.
On the Product overview page, the status of your submission will be one of the following:
Pre-processing; Certification or Published
If the status is Attention needed, your submission needs changes to be approved.
For details about the required changes, on the Product overview page, select View report.

General Questions

If you have general questions about policies, processes, or validation requirements, you can engage with the Microsoft AppSource validation team via Stack Overflow.
When submitting your questions on Stack Overflow, tag your question with "Office-Store".
The validation team will not be able to discuss individual submission results on Stack Overflow.

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