AppointmentTimeChanged(Added 1.7)
AttachmentsChanged(Added 1.8)
EnhancedLocationsChanged(Added 1.8)
RecipientsChanged(Added 1.7)
RecurrenceChanged(Added 1.7)

Event Based Activation

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This feature enables your add-in to run tasks based on certain events, particularly for operations that apply to every item.
You can integrate these with task panes and UI-less functionality.

onAppointmentAttachmentsChanged(preview) Occurs when adding ot removing attachments from an appointment
onAppointmentAttendeesChanged(preview) Occurs when adding ot removing attendees from an appointment
onAppointmentRecurrenceChanged(preview) Occurs when adding, changing or removing recurrence details on an appointment.
onAppointmentTimeChanged(preview) Occurs when the date or time is changed on an appointment
onInfoBarDismissClicked(preview) Occurs when a notification is dismissed while composing a message or appointment item. Only the add-in that added the notification will be notified.
onMessageAttachmentsChanged(preview) Occurs when adding or removing attachments from a message
onMessageRecipientsChanged(preview) Occurs when adding or removing recipients from a message
onNewAppointmentOrganizer(preview) Occurs when creating a new appointment
onNewMessageCompose(preview) Occurs when composing a new message (reply, reply all or forward). Not draft

<VersionOverrides xmlns="" xsi:type="VersionOverridesV1_0"> 
  <VersionOverrides xmlns="" xsi:type="VersionOverridesV1_1">
      <bt:Sets DefaultMinVersion="1.3">
        <bt:Set Name="Mailbox" />
      <Host xsi:type="MailHost">
        <!-- Event-based activation happens in a lightweight runtime.-->
          <!-- HTML file including reference to or inline JavaScript event handlers.
               This is used by Outlook on the web. -->
          <Runtime resid="WebViewRuntime.Url">
            <!-- JavaScript file containing event handlers. This is used by Outlook Desktop. -->
            <Override type="javascript" resid="JSRuntime.Url"/>
          <FunctionFile resid="Commands.Url" />
          <ExtensionPoint xsi:type="MessageReadCommandSurface">


          <!-- Enable launching the add-in on the included events. -->
          <ExtensionPoint xsi:type="LaunchEvent">
              <LaunchEvent Type="OnNewMessageCompose" FunctionName="onMessageComposeHandler"/>
              <LaunchEvent Type="OnNewAppointmentOrganizer" FunctionName="onAppointmentComposeHandler"/>
            <!-- Identifies the runtime to be used (also referenced by the Runtime element). -->
            <SourceLocation resid="WebViewRuntime.Url"/>

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