(1.1) (Interface) The settings created by using the methods of the RoamingSettings object are saved per add-in and per user.

getRetrieves the specified setting. Method
removeRemoves the specified setting. Method
saveAsyncSaves the settings. Method
setSets or creates the specified setting. Method

Retrieves the specified setting. Method
Removes the specified setting. Method
Saves the settings. Method
Sets or creates the specified setting. Method

* Any settings previously saved by an add-in are loaded when it is initialized, so during the lifetime of the session you can just use the set and get methods to work with the in-memory copy of the settings property bag. When you want to persist the settings so that they are available the next time the add-in is used, use the saveAsync method.
* The value is stored in the document as the serialized JSON representation of its data type. A maximum of 32KB is available for the settings of each add-in.
* The set method creates a new setting of the specified name if it does not already exist, or sets an existing setting of the specified name.
* Any changes made to settings using the set function will not be saved to the server until the saveAsync function is called.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

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