Provides information on the updates to the PowerPoint Javascript API.

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VersionBuildReleased Windows DesktopReleased Online
1.4  Development
1.314701.200602021 December2021 December
1.213426.201842020 October2020 October
1.111001.200742018 October2018 October
1.0 2012 December2012 December

Preview / Development

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PowerPoint API: 1.4

PowerPoint API: 1.3

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Access the tags associated with a slide
Access the tags associated with a shape

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PowerPoint API: 1.2

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Adds support for inserting slides from another PowerPoint presentation into the current presentation
Adds support for deleting slides

PowerPoint API: 1.1

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Lets you create a new presentation

PowerPoint API: 1.0

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