Best Practices

1) Always prefix your function names with fun_.

function fun_ReturnSomething() : string { 

2) Always declare a return variable at the top of your function.
When you have a function that returns a value, declare a variable at the top that contains the value you will return.

function fun_ReturnSomething() : string { 
  let _return: string;

3) Always split your arguments and return data type onto separate lines.
When a function takes an argument, put this arguments on a new line.
Prefix any arguments with a data type prefix.

export function fun_ReturnSomthing( 
  aTheArray: any[],
): string {

4) Always prefix your function arguments with a data type indicator.

export function fun_ReturnSomthing( 
sFontName: string,
nFontSize: number,
  bIncludeTitle: boolean,
  vNewObject: any,
  oInsertAt: Word.Range,
): string {

For a list of all the prefixes, please refer to the Data Types page.

5) Prefix any local variables with an underscore, give them a data-type and a descriptive name.

let _firstName: string; 
let _salary: number;
let _workbook: Excel.workbook;

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