Yeoman Generator

The Yeoman Generator is an open source client side scaffolding tool for creating web applications:
link -

Install Yeoman

open the command prompt
Install the Yeoman generator globally

npm install -g yo 

installs to the following location:


Install the 'office' Generator

npm install -g generator-office 

installs to the following location:


Browse to a new local folder

cd C:\temp\yeoman-sample\ 
yo Office

The welcome screen will be displayed.
It will prompt you for the following information:
choose a project type: Add-in using React
name: ExcelYoSample
client application: Excel

This will create all the files and folders that are required

type "code ." code space full stop, to launch VS Code

C:\code\office\yeoman > nodist 4.4.4 
C:\code\office\yeoman > git --version
C:\code\office\yeoman > npm -v
C:\code\office\yeoman > npm install -g bower
C:\code\office\yeoman > npm install -g gulp
C:\code\office\yeoman > npm install -g tsd

C:\code\office\yeoman > gulp serve

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