Folder Tab


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New Calendar - Creates a new folder in the Folder Pane. Displays the "Create New Folder" dialog box.


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Rename Calendar - Rename the selected folder.
Copy Calendar - Copy this folder to a new location. Displays the "Copy Folder" dialog box.
Move Calendar - Move the selected folder to a new location.
Delete Calendar - Delete the selected folder.


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Add Calendar -
Share Calendar - Share this calendar with other people. Displays a Sharing Invitation window.
Open Calendar - (Removed in 2016 ?) Drop-Down. Add shared calendars from other people, departments and rooms or create a new calendar. By adding another calendar you can see other people's availability.


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Calendar Properties - Displays the 'Calendar Properties' dialog box, General tab.
Calendar Permissions - (Removed in 2016 ?) Displays the 'Calendar Properties' dialog box, Permissions tab.

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