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New Appointment - (Ctrl + N). Create a new item based on the current view.
New Meeting - Create a new meeting and invite others to join you in a meeting.
New Items - Drop-Down. Create new items. The drop-down contains the commands: Email Message, Appointment, Meeting, Contact, Task, All Day Event and More Items.

Skype Meeting

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New Skype Meeting -


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Today - Show today in the calendar.
Next 7 Days - Show the next 7 days in the calendar.


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Day - (Ctrl + Alt + 1). Show the daily view.
Work Week - (Ctrl + Alt + 2). Only show days in the work week.
Week - (Ctrl + Alt + 3). Show the entire week.
Month - (Ctrl + Alt + 4). Show the month.
Schedule View - (Ctrl + Alt + 5). Show the selected calendar in a horizontal view.

Manage Calendars

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Open Calendar - Drop-Down. Add shared calendars from other people, departments and rooms or create a new calendar. The drop-down contains the commands: From Address Book, From Room List, From Internet, Create New Blank Calendar and Open Shared Calendar.
Calendar Groups - Drop-Down. Create a new calendar group, add a department calendar or save the currently selected calendars as a new calendar. The drop-down contains the commands: Create New Calendar Group and Save as New Calendar Group.


This was removed in 2016 ?
Email Calendar - Forward the selected calendar to another person in an email.
Share Calendar - Share this calendar with other people.
Publish Online - Drop-Down. Share this calendar with other people by publishing it online.
Calendar Permissions - View and edit the sharing permissions for this folder.


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Search People - [[same]]
Address Book - (Ctrl + Shift + B). Displays the "Address Book" dialog box to look for names, phone numbers and email addresses.

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