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Current View

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Change View - Drop-Down. Switch to a different view.
View Settings - Displays the "Advanced View Settings" dialog box.
Reset View - Reset all current view settings to the default settings for this folder.


A lot of these commands are also on the Calendar Home Tab.

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Day - (Ctrl + Alt + 1). Show the daily view.
Work Week - (Ctrl + Alt + 2). Only show days in the work week.
Week - (Ctrl + Alt + 3). Show the entire week.
Month - (Ctrl + Alt + 4). Show the month.
Schedule View - (Ctrl + Alt + 5). Show the selected calendar in a horizontal view.
Time Scale - Drop-Down. Change the time scale or time zone shown in the calendar. The drop-down contains the commands: 60 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 15 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 6 Minutes, 5 Minutes and Change Time Zone.
Overlay - View an additional calendar on top of the current calendar.
Working Hours - Only show working hours in the calendar.


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Color - Change the background colour of the selected calendar.


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Daily Task List - Drop-Down. Show, hide or minimise the Daily Task List and change the arrangement. The drop-down contains the commands: Normal, Minimized, Off and Arrange By
Folder Pane -
Reading Pane -
To-Do Bar -

People Pane

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People Pane - Drop-Down. Show hide or minimise the People Pane and confiure social network accounts. The drop-down contains the commands: Normal, Minimized, Off and Account Settings.


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Reminders Window - Displays the "Reminders" window
Open in New Window - Open this view in a new window.
Close All Items - Closes all additional windows.

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