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New Contact - (Ctrl + N). Creates a new item.
New Group -
New Contact Group - Displays a new Contact Group item.
New Items - Drop-Down. Create new items. The drop-down contains the commands: Email Message, Appointment, Meeting, Contact, Task, Custom Forms, Contact Group, Contact from the Same Company.


Delete - (Ctrl + D). Delete this item.


Meeting - Create a new meeting request addressed to this contact.
More - Drop-Down. Assign other tasks to this contact. This drop-down contains the commands: Assign Task, Call.
Email - (Removed in 2016 ?) Create a new email message addressed to this contact.

Current View

Gallery - People, Business Card, Card, Phone, List, Manage Views, Save Current View As a New View, Apply Current View to Other Contact Folders.


Move - Drop-Down. Move or copy the selected items to another folder. The drop-down contains the commands: Inbox, 9 other Folders, Other Folder, Copy To Folder.
Mail Merge - Create a form letter or email to be sent to a set of contacts. Displays the 'Mail Merge Contacts' dialog box.
OneNote -


Forward Contact - Drop-Down. Forwards this person's contact information to another person. The drop-down contains the commands: As a Business Card, As an Outlook Contact.
Share Contacts - Share your contacts with other people. Creates a new Sharing Information item.
Open Shared Contacts - Open another person's shared contacts folder.


Categorize - Drop-Down. These categorises are not applied to contacts.
Follow Up - Drop-Down. Set a flag to remind you to follow up on this item later. The drop-down contains the commands: Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, No Date, Custom, Add Reminder, Mark Complete, Clear Flag, Set Quick Click. The Set Quick Click displays the "Set Quick Click" dialog box.
Private - Mark this items as private so that other people cannot see the details.


New Group -
Browse Groups -


Search People - [[same]]
Address Book - (Ctrl + Shift + B). Display the "Address Book" dialog box to look for names, phone numbers and email addresses.

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