Customising views
You have the option to use Word as your e-mail editor Tools / Options / e-mail tab. Use MS Word as e-mail editor
using the tasks
setting an autoreply
how to save template drafts layout messages
auto archiving
Creating more pst files
moving to C: drive (pst files)
PST repair tool
Programs/administration/inbox repair (don't tick backup)
You must compact your folders to update / reduce the file size after deletions
Note: Selecting "tell me when this message has been delivered" is just a notification that it has left the building.
colouring e-mails with rules for quick recognition
Copy addresses from one personal distribution list to another
Defaulting to personal address book
Formatting text in emails
Flag for follow up - enables you to add a little message at the top
You can save e-mail message templates File / Save - change to outlook template (.oft) outlook template
To open a message template Fiel / New / ChooseForms then select "Templates in File System"

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