To quickly display several days of your calendar side by side. Drag over the dates you want to see in the Date Navigator.
To quickly switch to your inbox press (Ctrl + Shift + I)
(Ctrl + K) - can be used to resolve names
Email read receipts - switching off a response (Tools > Options)(Preferences, Email Options)(Tracking Options) - use this option to never send a response
Define all the columns in the folders to be: Importance, Icon, Attachment, Size, From, Subject, To, Received - show in groups and sort by Date
How to send all my emails as HTML (remove the bloody plain text replying option)
When viewing days in calendar you can quickly turn an appointment into an event - Drag the appointment to the day heading
To quickly schedule a meeting with a contact, click the contact, Actions > New Meeting with Contact
To reply to everyone who received the selected message you can also press (Ctrl + Shift + R)
Outlook Item Template (.oft)
When pictures/graphics are copied into emails, they don't print in an email but they do print when you reply or forward and then print ?
If you are using Exchange Server then everything is stored on the server. If not then everything is saved in your .pst file, saved on your C drive. (pst - is your personal file (not using exchange). (.ost) file - offline when using exchange)
For the add-in list all contacts in a drop-down for quick easy access to phone numbers/exts - alphabetical order (Russell Proctor x3871)
Just changes to have double spaces between each line (dragged in notepad extra carriage returns
Be able to schedule an automatic delete of the Deleted Items folder.

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